Interview with Darran Eteo

I started at Graftgold. Previously I had done assembly language on Dragon32, QL, and was doing Computer Science degree.

Applied for the job via a newspaper ad looking for programmers. I was at Essex University and like all students at the time needed a job.

Programmer under Steve's direction. We used to work Saturdays, and all night during the week when I was working.

Dominic started off the engine as far as I recall.

Fair amount. Biggest optimisation was taking out translucency from the ship's wings. Looked nice but slowed down the engine to a crawl.

Not sure. If I recall it was hand crafted.

Yes. Steve/Dominic when I came on board Dominic had left. The game engine had various problems. The AI runner had issues, and the game ran very slow.

No just a text file.

Artist I think. Not sure on that one.

No 3D was very new then. Partly because the processors could not handle

it, and partly because the programmers could not handle it. No tools or

anything at the time.

Can not remember.

Can not remember. But may have done some programming on it.

Very much so. Less room for tiles, limitations on the number of sprites etc.


91/92 I believe,

Hard work. Long hours.

Yes. Motocross game, using a voxel engine. It was never going to work well with that technology.

After working on various games such as Shadow of the Horned rat, Shogun, Startopia left the games industry. Now a contractor in the Telecoms industry.