Interview with Edward Grabowski

Probably in 1991.

Small team. Design and code was I, I think Jon Baker did most of the graphics.

This was a side/experimental project and other projects/Impressions work called us away. The same was true for the publisher - other business opportunities meant this title was not pursued.

Yes a very small publisher called Vulture.

The complete shape of the game was there, but it needed more refinement.

RTS with RPG.

There is probably some confusion in that the game I was involved in, apart from being in a similar genre, was nothing to do with Battlemaster - I think a reviewer of an early version called it "a follow-up" so perhaps that's where the sequel idea came from.

Unsure - probably the current build as at September/October 91.

No, the publisher. The team didn't have a name.

Fantasy. Yes there is more freedom but equally I enjoy recreating simulations, such as the formula 1 management ones I did on the PC.

Sorry no.

Sorry I do not have a complete list.

My games have covered a wide range of topics and nearly all of them I had a good interest in before I started the game. I played table-top wargaming at school (our History teacher, as a sideline, use to write the rules for wargames) so that's how I got interested in historical conflicts.

Not so much creating but I am still involved in the business. Currently I am helping an old colleague (he use to be the salesman for Impressions) find titles to publish in the UK.

I am a big fan of Cinemaware, in particular It Came From the Desert, TV Sports Football and TV Sports Basketball. Plus Monkey Island is great. Microprose simulations were also a must buy.