Interview with Andreas 'Yup' Schneider

I started to work on Dragon in 1991, but the graphic artist Ralf Schueler had started with the graphics before we met, which was on the party of a Developer/Publisher. I was very impressed by the graphics, and so we decided to make this game together.

Everybody who sees the graphics, knows for sure, that the game was inspired by Gods, which is really a great game. So, Dragon was inspired by Gods, as well as by a lot of other great games.

What shall I say, of course it was very important. We wanted to make a great game. That means everything had to be as good as possible. The graphics, the sound, the game-design, and the code too. Every aspect was (better: is) important for a good game. E.g. the scrolling engine in Dragon took nearly no CPU-time, leaving a lot of power for animations and gameplay related routines.

For the coding I used Asm One, an Assembler-IDE for the Amiga, and the levels were built with an editor I wrote myself.

There were as well some interior levels, with different designs, as some outdoor levels planned. I'll have a look if I can provide you some example screenshots.

A bit of both, but I would say more shoot-'em-up than beat-'em-up.

It's hard to express in percent. But a lot of the planned features were missing.

This is hard to answer. Actually, looking back, I'm not sure why development stopped. There is no single special reason. A lot of things came togehter. E.g. one day my harddisk died, and I lost some code, because I didn't have an actual backup. This was very bad for my motivation. ...

We were in contact with some publishers, but the greatest for us was that Electronic Arts showed some interest.

Unfortunately, not. But I still think the Amiga is the second best computer, after the C64 ;-)

The one I loved most was Giana Sisters. I really loved this game :-) But there are also some other games I loved, like SideWinder, Pirates, R-Type, Defender Of The Crown...