Interview with Pablo Muniz

We were all friends since many years and some of us already worked together in the demo scene under the group name "Liquid".

After getting experience and improving our skills, we finaly decided that time has come to do something creative and that more people could enjoy. This is why a video game project naturally started...

It seems you have really looked all the information given in the disc preview ;-) Well, there was many kind of small games. Some puzzle, tetris like, and so on... They were meant to unlock features like hidden levels, extra lives/powers and many more things...

Yes, in fact, you must know that all graphics, levels design, musics and even some AGA graphics were done ! It was like a big journey ! The game starts in a kind of sweet world and finish in a castle through many other worlds like a forrest, a river, etc...

Of course, when you start a project like this, you give a look to what have been already done... I must say that I played a lot to Rod Land, Rainbow Islands. There was also a jump'n'run game on NEO GEO (I miss its name) that gave me the shot to start !

Of course I used the good old Deluxe Paint IV (ECS and AGA version) ! For the final world, I also worked on the very first version of 3D Studio (PC DOS), then converted to Amiga...

Yes, of course. All Amiga 500 graphics were done and I immmediately started the Amiga 1200 version... The 2 first worlds (6 backgrounds) were totally done and I must say that it was a dream machine for a graphic artist !

Assembly for the main program. We also used AMOS for some external tools. We made a design level tool and also a very special tool to create the "copper" rainbows you can as background ! We also used a very special way to get more colors on screen : There were 16 colors for the sprites, then 16 more per line for the background (excluding rainbows) . Just like if I could draw many 16 colours backgrounds and join them horizontally : another copper miracle !

Well, (please Thierry forgive me if I am wrong ;:-D) we could say our main coder became too busy. You have to know that everything was done at home in our spare time. We did not work on Flower in an office for a company... In the same time PC computers were rising and it was an oppportunity for a coder !

I should say, 80% and I still have all material burnt on a cd : graphics, musics, sources, tools and even the development system as a Win UAE virtual hard drive ! We only miss the code for the small games, for each end of level big boss and the end part !

Why not ? It could be funny to bring the game back to life... Just contact me (check my email in the demo (ADF file).... We could even finish the good old amiga version ;-)

The Amiga has a very special place in my heart but I must admit that I left its world too many years ago.

I am still creative.. Some years ago, I worked on 2d graphics for cellular games (again with DP4 and Amiga 1200) and I like to do weirds things with pictures and videos ! I worked with many people to produce a fans DVD about a show called "The 4400". I got postive feedback about my work ! I would appreciate to finish FLOWER (Herve, I am still available and I have a lot of time now!) : any volunteer ? The success of modern games like "Little Big Planet"is a proof that jump'n'run games still have their place in our screens, even in 21th century !