Interview with Michael Piepgras (TTS/Oxyron)

Trapped I has a nice little story... all began with my first texture mapped cube i finished one day, after this cube i thought: Lets see how many cubes i can do, so after some work i had a lot of texture mapped cubes on my screen. Next step was a dungeon, and if you have a dungeon why not making a game out of it ;-)

This game was meant to be science fiction, not a fantsy game like Trapped 1+2.

I am not sure about the English title, but something strange and funny like "Face Bashing" or "Even More Face Bashing".

This game was started about 2 month before the goldmaster of Trapped II was finished.

Technical programming has always been my favourite. Trying to do new thing is the most interesting to do. Effects like Bumpmaps, Enviroment mapping and so on was planned and partly implemented. (At that time that would have been something very new)

Well, thats simple, in a science fiction game you can play more with technical special effects. So the decision was to put the next game into a science fiction enviroment.

The Company who published Trapped I+II would have published it, but as you know, it never got finished.

The developement stopped because of two simple reasons. I was starting to work in bigger PC projects, e.g. Warcommander (Strategy PC) and Against Rome (Strategy) where i worked as technical lead programmer. And my work at the university took a loot of time until i got my diploma in mathematics in early 2001.

I never play any 1st person games myself.

My actual 3D work is in my Realtime raytracing Project, where i release 3D benchmarks from time to time.

You can find 2 Screenshots of the Fratzengeballer project at

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