Interview with Andrea Carboni

We were videogame developers and enthusiastic.

No. Fatal noise was never finished because when we arrived at 1/3 of the work, the Amiga computer became obsolete.

That name sounded good but we realized that it was too confusing: fighting cancer is often used as a slogan by healthcare environments.

It was about 30%-40%. There were many characters, many background and almost all the music. What was missing was some other graphics, sound effects, and the artificial intelligence for the computer characters.

It was about 1993-94, I don't remember well.

As I said, the Amiga computer was out of production and the Commodore company closed.

Motorola 68000 assembly language.

It was the omnipresent deluxe paint (release 4 if I can remember). All characters and background were made with that. We used an internal tool to manage that graphics, subdividing images by characters and to export them to a proper binary format.

We were the team: I and Andrea, the digital waves!

I cannot remember. Maybe 8 characters and 6 locations.

The only one that come in my mind is Turrican II. Other games are buried under tons of dust.

No. Games development is not a good business in Italy and is becoming a corporate job.