Interview with Andrew Crowe (MantaSoft)

Can't really remember, around 1999 I think. I'd probably attempted Bomberman style games before then but that was around the time this particular one started.

Not really, first taste of Bomberman I had was on the SNES (with 4 player adapter, top fun that was), so my expectations of bomberman games were rather high. I had since played Dynablaster, still good tho lacks that little bit extra that the SNES could bring to the genre.

Well to start with it was just me doing everything, but as I wasn't really a graphic artist to start with I just ripped the snes sprites to get something going. Since Aristides joined he did the graphics, I did everything else.

Just me and Aristides. Real bedroom coder stuff.

Don't tell anyone, but it was written in a customised version of AMOS Pro :) I did know a bit of C at the time but not enough to write a complete program in it (also this was before I had developed the "snes-gfx" 2D library used in SOMS so it couldn't make use of that unfortunately). AMOS wasn't so bad after you'd hacked around a bit with it anyway, and I did a little experiments and peek/poking was almost as fast as C anyway. Not ideal tho as you can imagine.

Any really, it was non-aga so as long as it had good enough CPU it should work, think it was a bit ropey in anything under an 030 tho. It was RTG too but not sure how well that actually worked as I didn't have a gfx card

That was the plan.

Because I didn't know Object Oriented programming at the time (trust me kids, once you've tried it you'll never look back!) as the game got bigger the codebase became slower and more and more difficult to manage. Of course even if I had known OO you can't do anything like that in AMOS anyway.

As well as that the Amiga community had pretty much bottomed out by that time and I was busy with other things so didn't have enough time to spend cleaning it up.

It was fun while it lasted tho

Hard to tell, maybe 80%. Most of it was there, but stuff like the boss handling code was rather ropey and disjointed and the whole thing started running a tad slow

Nope, I've spent the last 5 years working full time in website and web application development, although I have been known to knock out the odd flash game or two (funnily enough I tried doing a flash version of Blast Squad, but flash isn't really designed for that type of game).

<plug>I've just started redoing my website, but once that's back up there'll be a few flash things on there to play with,</plug>

All sorts, there were a couple of classing games I really go into. Rock'n'Roll by Rainbow Arts, Turrican, that sort of thing. Any decent multiplayer too, there were a few really good PD ones I've forgotten the name of (I'll let you know). Of course probably my all time fave was Worms, can't get much better then that.