Interview with Jürgen Malzacher (Juergen Malzacher)

The programming of Mission Underground was started without being in contact with a publisher. As far as I remember we had some contacts in the end but the game was never published. Now we agree for a non commercial publishing on the website.

As we were a small team of three friends using their free time to develop the whole game, we could not compete with the professional teams in the end as they published professional games.

I assume Carsten has been working for some months on the game when I met him and started to draw the graphics.

The game was written in assembler.

I used deluxe paint for the graphics.

I think it was Fort Apocalypse which inspired Carsten for the programming. I don't remember that I have seen Fort Appocalypse, but Carsten told me what he expected the graphics to be and I worked it out.

The game's 100% complete.

Ever I was more fascinated to program a game than to play a game. So I started to program on the C64. Having changed to AMIGA I startet to develop ZARGON which was finally published by Markt&Technik Verlag. With this experience I made the graphics for Mission Underground.

Carsten, Stephan and I are not writing games any more. Stephan and I are in the telecommunication field and Carten is in the IT field.

I liked Hexenhaus very much, I assume Carten's favourite was Fort Apocalypse.