Interview with Jussi Löf


At tops there was 6 people involved. They were all freelance. The team was called "Monoceros Developments" and we had couple of other game projects which too were never published.

The graphics artist.

Originally I just wanted to have Hack with better graphics. Isometrics were possibly inspired from X-Com on PC. I thought that isometric game could be done in realtime and pixel perfect scrolling. So the first demo was just to made to see if it was possible.

The story was loosely based on Robert E Howard stories. But the development was quit long before any of the copyright issues were solved. The Conan theme was a burden because all publishers first asked did we have the rights to use it.

The idea was to have an isometric action adventure with simple roleplaying elements like strength/healthpoints, inventory, story and whacking monsters.

I'd say 25% on Amiga. Also engine for 486 PC with VGA 256 was written before the project was completely abandoned.

First demo was shown to Finnish House Marque in 1994, but they weren't convinced at that point. Later in 1995 Arcane, showed some interested.
The same game may be the "Conan". listed under cd32 titles here -- >

A small preview version was shown to some UK game magazine. Sadly I don't remember which? Possibly Amiga Format...

After three years of trying to get publishers and enough workforce to finish the project it was abandoned. Another reason for abandoning was that the Amiga platform was already dying in 1996. Attempt to shift platform to PC was made, but there was too much to rewrite and draw. (graphics resolutions would have doubled)

I'm still interested in games development. While waiting for the perfect work offer, I have been just plain artist for the last ten years. My website:

There are many, but ones that I always come back to are Turrican 1 and 2.