Interview with Jörg Belger (Joerg Belger)

In 1995.

Yes it was influenced by Turrican, but also by SNES - Super Probotector and SNES - Axelay. Some attributes of the main figure was influenced by Probotector and we had a pseudo 3D level like Axelay, the level design was more influenced by Turrican.

There were not enough interested people which answer to our survey.

Acsys was to 50% code and 70% graphics complete

Purely Assembler Motorola-MC68k and directly hardware control over Amiga graphics chips.

I don't understand your question enough, we used our scalable assembler engine. The effects of parallax scrolling was made with the Copper-chip of Amiga, but we had in our engine a very abstract interface to do this.

Yes this was the reason why we stopped it after the miserable results of our survey.

When i say you the numbers of levels, I guess you are surely disappointed. We had planned only 5 levels. But let me describe it. We have started Acsys as a normal game like Turrican, where we have some worlds and where every world has 2-3 levels. But the point was, we had enough memory with the 2 MB of Amiga 1200, so that we assembled the levels of every world. We had only very big levels with savepoints and no loading time, one level of Acsys was so big like 3-4 levels of a game like Turrican.

Yes it could be. At the moment we develop under a new company some mobile games. Our first game is "line.out X", a simple game to test the potential of mobile market. You can visit us under, we would enjoy us when you insert the link in your website. When we have enough sales figures with our first mobile games and enough interested people for Acsys, then we would resurrected it. But at the moment Acsys is to big and a to high financial risk for us.

Yes see the question before. Additionaly we create a 3D engine to make high quality games, but these projects are also depends on the financial achievement of our mobile projects.

My personal favourite Amiga game was clearly Turrican 2, because of the perfect technology, perfect gameplay and nice graphics.