Interview with Steffen Goebbels

They were just hobby stuff so I didn't try hard to find a publisher.

The games were finished in the early nineties.

A couple of month each. But actually I don't remember exactly and I re-used a lot of stuff.

The games were written without commercial intent in order to explore the technical features of the Amiga computer. "Das Fest" was released as PD.

The games are written in C and they use standard Amiga libraries.

It is simple vector graphics - a straightforward application of Linear Algebra which I learned at that time.

This is the last of a series of adventures, the theme developed. The idea of the puzzle is taken from an exercise of the "Bundeswettbewerb Informatik" which is a German competition in computer science for school students organized by the German society for computer science (Gesellschaft fuer Informatik e.V.)

Actually I was interested in vector graphics. The game is just an add on.

Both games should be 100% complete. The story of the adventure "Das Fest" might be somewhat short.

I was fascinated by C64 computer games and stared writing own ones. Since Basic was very limited and slow I soon changed to Assembler programming. "OBICO" and "Spion III" are two adventures for the C64 which got published.

No, these games were the last. Now game development is too complex for a single person to perform as a hobby. Nevertheless, I really would like to participate in the development of a professional game with state of the art 3D graphics. Unfortunately, I probably will not find time to do it. Today I work on business applications for telecommunication companies.