Interview with Nick Lee

Putty Squad was the first game I'd worked on. I'd just met Phil Thorton and Mark down the pub, and got a job as a trainee artist... They'd just released the original Putty on Amiga. I started work immedietely on Putty Squad with Phil Thorton.

Erm, possibly. It's probably lost now though... Mags also have a habit of saying they've reviewed a full copy when it's sadly not true ;)

I think it was released briefly on the SNES. I definitely saw it in the shops, but neglected to buy it =/....hahaha.. I'm also sure we did the SNES one first.. and when that got withdrawn I guess the Amiga one just kinda petered out.. It's all a bit hazy to honest;)

Oh there were sh*tloads. I got very sick of piecing maps together.. I think including the small secret rooms there must have been close to a hundred...

Cos the original sold well I think, and Mark let Phil do whatever he wanted. Which was a bit random. hahah

Well, to be honest, I probably prefer the original because it was all unique and Putty Squad had masses of huge levels that got a bit repetious. There's still some funny bits in it though..

Well, technically speaking - I think it was quite a big game for starters.. took a lot of memory perhaps. (i'm guessing)

The game wasn't exactly designed. Not much on paper at all. Probably left anything of note in the pub. We just kind created daft sprites and backgrounds, then threw them all together.(with a bit of coding help).

hahaha. It was very funny. A bit chaotic to say the least. I can't comment any further as I'm still there on and off.

There was a released SNES version.. There was also a Megadrive version, and also some sort of PC incarnation... and a few years I did redo all the sprites twice the size for a PS2 version.

yep. I would have thought so. But maybe I'm just cynical.

nope. never heard of them. I was aware that somebody was trying to release it at some stage though...

Hmmn. That's hard to remember. Alien Breed was pretty good. Double Dragon was comically brilliant. New Zealand Story was good. Run The Gauntlet had some fun driving. Bloodwych was fun. Hired Guns pretty good too. Dungeon Master? and I couldn't forget Laser Squad and Chaos.