Interview with Nicola Tomljanovich (Tommy)

For musics I used the 'SoundTracker', the best music software available at that time, based on sampled instruments, which let you compose up to 4 independent tracks in musics..The output format was the "Module", an 'all-in-one' piece of data containing both the notes information and the IFF sound files (instruments) used in the music. The concepts of Soundtracker technology were developed further in the next years, giving life to a series of tools widely used in the game audio industry.. Regarding SFX, sincerely I did not remember which tool I used, probably it was named 'Gold - something else'.. you know many years have passed since then..

I still have all the musics, some of which may be also downloaded on my studio site (I think..)..Last month my father rang me saying that he found a lot of papers and schemas in his house probably belonging to some game. I visited him and had a look at those papers.. well..with a great surprise, I reorganized the many storyboard sketches I made 15 years ago for Dragon's Kingdom (thought I'd lost them for ever!)..Now I'm seriously thinking of appening some of them in my studio! In facts, I was not only deputy at dial with the sound in DK project, I also designed the storyboard and main gameplay concepts..

Still active!!. Besides my actual job, which (at the moment I write) is software programming in the military defense market, I never left the sound design job. On early '90s I moved my business to other platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox. My audio group (AMC Interactive) up to now developed the audio of over 30 titles, many of which with world wide distribution.

I can clearly remember an entire winter spent on Lotus Turbo Esprit, and many nights joyfully sacrified to Loom, with a couple of friends!