Interview with Massimiliano Agostinelli (MaxAg)

As far as I know there was never been a connection between the two, never had anything to do with the person or team that did DK on C64. Moreover I think that version was a Ghost'n'Goblins clone, as opposed to the Amiga version which I think it wasn't.

MaxAg. Shadow of the Beast for sure. I remember that the parallax layers for the graphics and the Pan's flute for the music completely excited us.

Sure Shadow of the Beast was one of the most influencing game; I also remember I was fascinated by Ghouls'n'Ghosts

Yes, I'm lead programmer at ForwardGames on Notcom Racing. Nicola also is taking care of the whole audio side of the project, so I have the pleasure to work with him once again.

I really am a C64 fan, but on the Amiga Shadow of the Beast, definitely.