Interview with Xavier Kral

The correct name was Son Shu Shi but our graphic artist used to always write its name using a different orthograph. This finally lead to some mistakes and mispelling! This name was created by Japanese influence which was synonym of quality. At that time, we did not know the Japanese "sushi" food.

Yes, we love Breakout type of game because it is easy, fun and accessible for anyone. Our last one is this one:

100% complete. The game has been finalized in time which was uncommon in the game industry.

Expose Software, the publisher had been in financial trouble. It seems that the game has only been produced in small quantities. We have never seen any money for our work even if we had a "golden" agreement with an important upfront amount.

Both versions were written at the same time. A graphic framework was developped with specific optimization for each computer, all the rest of the code was 100% portable. All the tools were developed in GFA Basic.

The Amiga was perfectly designed for graphic application as the opposite of the PC which had a poor architecture at that time. Today the PC has evolved into the powerful XBox console and support incredible 3D cards and games.

SSS was strongly inspired by platform games like Super Wonder Boy 3.

Yes, 6 bosses have been designed. Alex had too much work for school in its first year at the university. In order to keep the schedule, we had to simplify the game.

In some games, you can have a flee attitude. We wanted to avoid that and give more depth to the game. We forced the player to cope with the monsters and give him reward: coins to buy more powerful weapons.

We wanted to add as much variety as possible in the game to give a maximum of fun to the player. That is the main reason.

There are several nice animated sequence at the end of the game. We took the time to put a lot of extra in the game.

Alex started by himself by reading a basic book for the C64 and convinced his younger brother of 10 years old to ask a common gift for Xmas: the assembly language for C64.

Now, we manage a tools company developing the best porting tools for the Mobile Industry (Java, Brew...)

Amiga is by far more powerful and had an incredible architecture at the time where it was released. The Amiga was the creation of genius people.