The Titanic on the Amiga - 100 Years Later

100 years ago today, on the 15th April 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. Since then the ill-fated ship has had a strong influence on popular culture. The 1997 melodrama Titanic won 11 Oscars and made a large sum of money. The excellent 1958 film A Night To Remember film is based on a film and is a more sober affair. The awful 1980 film Raise the Titanic features a plan to raise the ship from the seabed.

Titanic Blinky

In the Amiga game, Titanic Blinky, evil Arthur J. Hackensack has managed to raise the ship. The cartoon theme of the game is about as far away from the disaster and loss of life as you can get!

In this sequel to Blinky's Scary School, the protaganist Blinky, works his way through the Titanic. The ship's layout can be seen by viewing the level map:

Titanic in 3D

The obscure 3D Construction Kit game Titanic features a 3D reconstruction of the bow section of the wreck.

The player explores the wreck in a submersible craft by entering through a hole in the side (the hole that the iceberg tore perhaps?) and moving up the decks.


On a more educational theme, two interactive guides to the Titanic were released as Licenceware; Titanic and Titanic II.

The guides contain a lot of information about the Titanic and its crew.