X-Fighter CD32

Kwok Man / Thalion (1995)

Game completed but unpublished (100%)

There were many ways of creating games on the Amiga, ranging from the ultra-easy Shoot-Em-Up Construction Kit to the rather more difficult assembler. Somewhere in between sat AMOS, the Amiga successor to the Atari STOS.

AMOS spawned a compiler which helped to speed up the otherwise interpreted code, an even easier version called Easy AMOS and a updated version called AMOS Professional. In due course AMOS was somewhat superseded by Blitz BASIC, a more powerful language.

In the PD and shareware scene AMOS was of course very popular and helped many a budding developer. Kwok Man was one such game creator and produced the obscure and probably long lost Mad Fighters I. The more advanced sequel Mad Fighters II, a Street Fighter II inspired beat-em-up, was an A1200 only game and received good reviews in magazines; 5 out of 5 stars from Amiga Power and 86% in the The One. Both reviews omit the "II" but it seems clear that the reviews are of the sequel.

In 1995 Mad Fighters II became a commercial game in the form of X-Fighter CD32. The game was complete and was due to be published by the famous German company Thalion and review copies were sent out to the magazines. The reviews were positive with 70% in Amiga Format, 60% in Amiga Power, 85% in CU Amiga and 85% in The One.

In the end the publication of X-Fighter never went ahead. The game could have been improved graphically to match the slickness of games like Shadow Fighter and Elfmania but the gameplay is solid. Sadly Kwok doesnt have the game anymore so the only way to recover the game now seems to be through the review copies, if any still exist.

However, a demo from The One is still available and can be downloaded from the link above. Kwok has also kindly allowed aGTW to offer Mad Fighters II A1200 for download.