Siege On London

CRL (1988)

Early preview available (15%)

Although CRL did publish some Amiga games they were a company better known for their 8-bit titles. A number of their Amiga games, including I Ludicrus and Lancaster, were published under the Actual Screenshots label and Siege On London was to be one such game. Indeed, the game features a billboard with the letters "AS".

The game was to be rendered in the filled-polygon 3D style common in the late 80s and early 90s. The programmer was Paul Holmes, who later created the brilliant Hunter. There are a few superficial similarities between the two games, such as the explosions, but many more differences.

Siege On London features an alien invasion along the lines of HG Wells War of the Worlds. Theres a great variety to the aliens, even in the preview. There are bipeds, tripeds and quadrupeds and hexapeds.

One of the most ambitious features of the game was to be the London setting. Jon Law worked to map out the city, a massive task in the days before Google Earth! The preview features a number of different buildings but the eventual recognisability would have depended on the complexity of the objects. The Killing Cloud was a game that tried a similar approach with its San Francisco cityscape and famous landmarks but it includes a thick blanket of fog which helps to keep the speed up.

Amiga Games That Werent speaks to Paul Holmes about his game.