Lone Wolf: The Mirror Of Death



The Lone Wolf series is an anthology of roleplaying gamebooks similar to the Fighting Fantasy series. For more information, check out the fansite Project Aon where the author Joe Dever has given permission for some of the books to be available online.

The Lone Wolf books had previously been converted to the home computer as adventure games, a genre suited to the book format:

Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark at the World of Spectrum

Lone Wolf: Fire on the Water at the World of Spectrum

The third adaptation was Lone Wolf: the Mirror of Death, which took a different approach. Audiogenic released the game for a number of 8-bit platforms; ZX Spectrum, Commodore C64 and the Amstrad CPC. The game was additionally converted to the PC DOS format. A magazine advert (see the advertisement scan at the World of Spectrum entry) announced the game for the four aforementioned platforms but also for the BBC Micro and the Atari ST. These two platforms dont seem to have seen conversions of the game. Additionally, an Amiga version is mentioned but it wasnt released either.

We speak to Ian Upton, the designer of Lone Wolf: the Mirror of Death. Unfortunately, Ian left Audiogenic before the 16-bit version(s) were developed but is able to fill in a lot of background information about the 8-bit versions of the Mirror of Death and his other games, which include Loopz and Beyond The Ice Palace.

There are no extras.