Liquid Kids

Ocean France - Ocean

Complete version found and released (100%)

Way back in August 2003 an English Amiga Board member called The Wolf tracked down the developers of Liquid Kids and arranged for it to finally be released.

Here we present a download of the full version of the game and a Q&A session with Thierry Levastre.

A full review is still to come but for now heres some text straight from the game!

Liquid kid was developed in six months

* Two Amiga 2000 (1.5 MO)
* Two monitors CM 8833 & CM 8832
* An external drive (AF 880)
* An external drive (S/N 302)
* A dot matrix printer
* A Commodore Mouse (made in HONG KONG)
* A Commodore Mouse (made in MALAYSIA)
* A multi timbral linear synthesizer (DNS 883730)
* A video tape stereo HQ(NV_H75)
* A Scientific statistical calculator F_800 P
* A Digit scientific calculator (DC 3V)
* 6 pens fine carbure (045)
* 2 Criterium PLEIN CIEL (HB)
* 3 Paper blocs (JPG 4299)
* 1800 drink boxes of COCA
* 90 liters of coffee
* 720 Jam sandwiches
* 80 pizzas

Some informations about Liquid Kid.
52211 lines of code
2 Mo of datas about the disk
218 KO of musics and sounds
1.4 MO of graphics
1320 hours of work

Next is an example of code
              lea bobtirs-tstruct,a1
LABEL1: moveq #0,d4
              move.l a1,d3
LABEL2: lea tstruct(a1),a1
              tst.b FLOK(a1)
              blt.s LABEL3
              bne.s LABEL1
              addq.w #1,d4
              cmp.w d0,d4
              bne.s LABEL2
              add.l #tstruct,d3
LABEL3: moveq #0,d3