Envision (Simon Cooke/Ian G. Harling) (1991-93)

Some graphics still exist. (60%)

Flag has sometimes been compared to Populous but the gameplay is very different. The game aim is not to conquer but to capture the flag of an enemy town. It would have been an action/strategy hybrid or an action game with tactical elements.

At one stage the game allowed the viewpoint to be swapped between isometric and top-down for a better overview of the action but the top-down view was later dropped. The setting changed as the game advanced through eras, a little like Mega Lo Mania. Although historical Flag was not rigid in sticking to historical accuracy and there was going to be a lot of humour throughout.

Flag was created by the duo of programmer Simon Cooke and artist Ian G. Harling who had previously worked together on the Vietnam game The Lost Patrol. Ians artwork is especially striking and Flag would have featured lots of excellent still pictures in addition to the isometric graphics. Some of the graphics on aGTW are from the long game intro.

The game passed through a number of publishers including Gremlin and Millennium and was previewed in Amiga magazines in 1991, 1992 and 1993. One of the potential publishers was positive about the game then did a U-turn and decided to not publish before releasing something very similar. Gremlin wanted the game to be more arcade-like. Millennium wanted the complex game completed within three months which wasnt feasible.

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