Fighter Squadron 209

Angelo Bod (1991-93)

Exists only as graphics. (20%)

Fighter Squadron 209 was a isometric, scrolling shoot-em-up by Angelo Bod and inspired by the Atari 400/800 game Blue Max. However, the setting was World War II rather than the First World War. The player would fly a plane as part of the RAF but the graphics sets show that the theme would also include some sci-fi elements, perhaps in later levels.

Instead of being split into different stages, the plan was for a single evolving level with increasing numbers of enemies and difficult, much like SWIV.

One interesting set of graphics from the game shows how the facial animation worked, with specific frames for each vowel and consonant.

Fighter Squadron 209 did not progress far beyond graphical work although that part of the development was around 90% complete.

There are no extras.