Destiny Software Productions - Psygnosis (1992)

Game mostly complete but with speed problems (90%)

Psygnosis big puzzle game was, of course, Lemmings. The company did release similar puzzle games, including Bills Tomato Game and Creepers.

Creepers was programmed for the PC DOS platform by Destiny Software Productions and then converted to the Amiga. However, the game wasnt released on the Amiga due to performance issues. It did, however, appear on the PC.

On DOS Creepers is a puzzler where the player must aid a caterpillar in turning into a butterfly. Objects must be placed using the mouse to achieve this goal. The graphics are varied and there are some nice touches, including a "Creeper Camera", which can be used to keep an eye on the caterpillar when the view is on another part of the level.

The Amiga programmer, Steve Vestergaard, recalls the game in an interview with Amiga Games That Werent.

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