Blast Squad / Bomber Blaster

Mantasoft (1999)

Mostly complete, available for download (80%)

Blast Squad, which started off life named Bomber Blaster, is a Bomberman clone which features all the elements you might reasonably expect in a game of this ilk, which includes Dyna Blaster and Blitz Bombers.

The one and two player campaign mode allows those without additional players close by to work through the game (the version on this site also features a level selector cheat if you want to see it all!).

If four players are on hand the battle mode increases the fun tenfold. The multiplayer is really the best way to experience Bomberman clones and this game is no exception.

The control options support a four-player adapter so no-one need go without a joystick. In addition there is an option for a CD32 pad.

Visually the game is varied but check out Aristides unused artwork on the Extras page to see where the look of the graphics may have headed. They show a stronger Japanese style which is appropriate given the origins of Bomberman. Unlike most other similar games Blast Squad supports graphics cards which shows how Andrew was aiming to support a wide range of Amigas.

Happily, Blast Squad is a nearly complete game that is available for download above! Thanks go to Andrew Crowe for producing this special version of the game for aGTW.