Alastair M. Robinson (1996)

One level demo on Aminet (20%)

The mid 1990s was the era of the Amiga Doom clone, a gold rush time when developers strove to reproduce the delights of Doom, or more commonly Wolfenstein 3D, on Commodores machine. Commercial publishers released a series of games, including Alien Breed 3D, Gloom and Fears. Demo scene coders showed off their textured mapped mazes. In the PD scene programmers created engines which often were intended to become full games. aGTW delves into this last category with a series about engines for games that werent.

Other games in this series:

Dent A Wolf / DentECTS / Dentaku-26

AMRWolf is a texture mapped engine from Alastair M. Robinson, whose engine AMRVoxel previously featured on Amiga Games That Werent. The AMRWolf engine utilises the more common technique of texture mapping and ray casting. This is also achieved using the copper based chunky mode and the AGA chipset, producing a near full screen, but slightly blocky display.

The engine includes a number of interesting features including a nicely implemented barrel explosion, a rotating and zoomable map overlay, a floor and an animated fan texture.

Although well advanced in many ways the engine required more work on the weaponry and roaming enemies before it became playable. Alastair was planning to produce a shareware game with the engine but work didnt proceed much further than the Aminet demo.